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Guaranteed IMMEDIATE Website Malware Removal Service

Experience peace of mind with TheLeadwebsecurity’s unrivaled expertise in safeguarding your online presence. Our team of dedicated professionals is on standby, ready to eliminate any malicious threats plaguing your website, ensuring a 100% SUCCESS RATE. With our ironclad WARRANTY, we deliver results, fast. Say goodbye to long waiting times for malware removal ! Don’t let your website’s security compromise your success.

Fix Hacked Website - Remove website malware

Immediate Hacked WordPress Website cleaning services and fixing all consequences of infection (deceptive warnings)

Hacked website will affect your website in many different negative ways – because of that, every minute matters! The longer a malware is present on your site the more damage it does. If not properly cleaned by EXPERT it will spread in a matter of moments, again! Hackers will hide malware or malicious files anywhere on website : file system on server, database – sometimes it will even not show signs it’s there immediately. Then suddenly, it triggers!

THELEADWEBSECURITY’s Website Malware Removal service team will take care on it all! NOW!

Website Malware Removal Service
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Website Malware Removal Service
Long term protection of website / server

Prevention is better than cure - Website and server hardening and enhancements

Once we have removed any malware and malicious content and more important – found and patched vulnerability which caused infection, the next step is even more crucial for future – to harden your website’s security in an effort to prevent further hacks from occurring.

The best way to avoid all these harms and unneeded cost is to think about it before infection. Prevention is always better choice. It is always better to invest a bit for protection, before comes to malware infection part.

Prevention of malware attack is complex process and for real expert it includes several tasks website/server wide, can take some time and reduce chances for website being attacked to minimum.

TheLeadWebSecurity’s Website Malware protection and hardening service is perfect choice for you!


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You don't have a time to maintain your website?

Long term website/server maintenance services

We make your website up to date in every single aspect : technical, content and overall healthy.
When website is successfully published, many people think that they just need to sit and wait clients to arrive and site to generate business and money instantly. Actually, that’s not the end – that’s just the beginning – it is time for start doing website maintenance or even better, hire professionals to do that for you.

Pay attention to this analogy- your website is like your car, there is always normal ongoing website maintenance service that you need to do on it, to use it for a long long time. Keep it without care and something will go wrong in the most important moments in life and career! That’s not coincidence – that’s unwritten rule!

TheLeadWebSecurity’s Website MAINTENANCE. service team will take care on it all! NOW!

Website Malware Removal Service

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    how to get started

    Website Malware removal Process


    Contact us via form / phone / email and briefly explain us your problem! Provide us as much information as possible!


    Make sure you have information on who is server provider, server + website logins

    Website Malware Removal Service

    Take a deep breath and leave everything to us! Be sure you made best decision ever!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any further questions
    Get in touch with our friendly team

    How long to does it take to fix my site?

    This really depends on many factors - type of infection, number of sites on server, server/site speed etc. Also complex websites with huge databases can take much more time for cleaning actions! We guarantee that problem will be solved SAME day, but usually it will be done in matter of few hours! 

    What information do you need to get started?

    Make sure you have server/hosting logins in ideal case, website logins and all relevant information related to infection. If there is any specific note/ requirement make sure to let us know that too! 

    How much does it cost?

    This really depends on even more factors then even timframe for solving problem! We guarantee you full exact quote before starting of work, after review from our experts! No hidden costs or additional fees will appear!

    What if i have VPS/dedicated server with more websites?

    In that situation, we will first need to analyse whole server and based on that provide quote on cost and time-frame for that kind of cleaning! Every single website on server- active or not is entity which needs to be : checked, cleaned and protected! 

    What do to to prevent hacking in future?

    In few words - your website requires care! Server also! Regular updates, security checks, at least once weekly will ensure you can sleep tight! We are providing long term maintenance packages which will make you can fully focus only on your business thing!

    Can you remove my browser's security warning?

    Absolutely! Any kind of deceptive warning provided by Google or any antivirus platform we will successfully remove in shortest period of time! 

    How do I know that I have been hacked?

    Variety of factors can indicate that your site is compromised : from weird things displaying in google search, to slow website, significant drops in website traffic, strange unknown files on server, not having ability to login etc.

    Will it happen in future again?

    Theoretically, NOBODY can say you NO but in real life, if site is protected properly by experts, server too, you can be absolutely sure that will not happen in future! 

    Examples of issues we can easily solve for you

    Security issues we face DAILY

    Backdoors on server

    A backdoor is code added to a website that allows a hacker to access the server while remaining undetected, and bypassing the normal login. It allows a hacker to regain access even after you find and remove the exploited plugin or vulnerability to your website

    SQL/Database injections

    SQL injections are some of the most devastating attacks on WordPress sites. In fact, they are rated second on the list of most critical WordPress vulnerabilities, second only to cross-site scripting attacks.

    Redirection hacks

    Your website is redirecting to malicious pages/ xxx sites or similar? That is happening maybe only on few types of devices and not on all? Do not worry, you are at perfect place!

    Pharma / Japanese / SEO hacks

    Are your website’s search results showing Japanese text / Viagra / strange products? If so, you may have been the target of the Japanese SEO Hack / Pharmahack or some kind of SEO hack.

    Anonymous Fox serverwide hack

    You have VPS or dedi server, you faced malicious infection and it came back in matter of hours or days? You are unable to get hacker out of system? Somebody created strange email accounts in your Cpanel - that's surely one of the worst hacks nowadays!

    Google deceptive warning/ blacklist removal / Google Ads

    You are getting red flag screen when opening website? Antivirus on device is blocking access to site? You are reported by Google or McAfee ? No worries, we will solve this for you in shortest period of time!

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    TheLeadWebSecurity Rating
    Trusted by hundereds of companies and agencies

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    We treat the cause, not the consequence


    – Stefan Lancuski, Founder and CEO of TheLeadWebSecurity,

    on one of the biggest mistakes developers and agencies are doing nowadays – cleaning servers without finding and analyzing vulnerability and main cause of the problem. Join our growing community of satisfied clients who trust us for long-term website maintenance and protection. Your website security is our priority.


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